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“I wish you were at my door and I would invite you in so we could get to know each other.  We would share a cup of coffee, a cool glass of wine and our stories. We would listen to each other, laugh together and learn from each other. We could revel in the deep joy of just being together.” - Sandra


Sandra is a composer, playwright, teacher, psychologist, wife and mother. Her experiences of living in a small community in rural Alberta, have taught her the value of being connected to others and God.  Like any of us, Sandra’s life is filled with everyday things, though she acknowledges that she has been blessed more than others in receiving support from her family, friends and community. It is through this support that she pursued what she describes as her “soul work” through music.


Sandra’s desire is simple.  She hopes to inspire others to love well and fully. When writing music, she feels most connected to her passion and this work is one of the ways she hopes to inspire others.  Her music connects us through our human experience and draws on our emotions.  Sandra’s songs are moving, thought provoking, heart wrenching, entertaining, light hearted and real.


“The essence of who we are may live in our hearts, minds and souls, but it can only been seen through the ways we create in our world.  I’m not simply talking about creations of art, music and drama.  I am speaking about how we create in our home, work, communities and world through the quality of our relationships.  We can build a place of kindness, acceptance and love.  We can lead with our souls to truly see one another.  My hope is that the words and music you find here inspire you to build your greatest creations.” -Sandra,


Sandra’s musical creations include three musical productions all of which have been successfully performed and sold out at the Arden Theatre, in St. Albert.  Mary’s Veil, Lost Apostle and The Park Bench have been major fundraising events for causes, which are dear to her heart. 

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