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About Lost Apostle

This musical production, originally performed in 2005, has been adapted and revised to explore themes faced in our modern world. Lost Apostle begins in the time of Christ and details the hopes, passions and struggles of four of His followers; Peter, Judas, Mary Magdalene, and Beth. Motived by their individual desires to live with purpose, fight for freedom, emerge from depression or leave a life of self destruction, our characters chose to follow Jesus because of his revolutionary message of hope, love and peace.

Act II, set in the present day introduces three new characters, Aaron, Tevy and Rebecca, who also struggle to find meaning, acceptance and hope. Entangled in the apathetic, isolated tendencies of our world, these characters become vulnerable to the enticing nature of Power, Money, and Judgment. When tragedy strikes as a result of gossip mongering and fear, our characters must chose to either give into hatred and pain, or find comfort in a lasting message of hope, love and peace. 

With five new musical numbers, new characters and staging, the inspirational music and message of Lost Apostle is even more relevant today. Be inspired to live a life of purpose, hope and genuine human connection; a life that can make a beautiful difference in the world. 

The "Lost Apostle" is set both in the time of Christ and in modern day. Not just for Christians, it speaks to everyone; it gets us thinking about how we respond when given the choice between service to a higher good or the pursuit of money and power… For Sandra, love and service is the way to lead a more meaningful life. She is an inspiration to others.”  
 - The Bahai International Woman’s Day Committee
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