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About GHG

The goal of GHG is to inspire and empower people to live to their greatest and highest potential


All projects affiliated with GHG are intended to inspire human growth toward living a meaningful life from a place of honesty, integrity, joy, peace and above all love.  GHG encourages and motivates others to actively engage in improving the human spirit by understanding, accepting and genuinely relating to others. GHG will work to provide living examples of inspiration, hope and faith, acknowledging the impact of small acts done with great love. 


GHG Lives out this mission through:

  • The production of musical theatre designed to promote an understanding that all of humanity is connected to one another and to a greater power

  • The production of inspirational, meaningful and healing music.

  • Partnering with other organizations and communities who aspire to improve the human and societal condition, bringing about the best of each individual.

  • providing healing and growth opportunities through large group and small group presentations


GHG has presented and produced three inspirational plays.

  • Mary's Veil

  • Lost Apostle

  • The Park Bench


GHG acknowledges that all endeavors are accomplished through the divine direction, support and love of a greater power that GHG accepts as God. GHG will hold God at the center of all activities decisions and projects. In doing this, GHG gratefully welcomes the experiences and beliefs of others, which add beauty and diversity to humankind. GHG believes that open acceptance and collaboration of many perspectives can bring about the greatest and highest good of all people. 

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