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About Mary's Veil

Mary's Veil is the story of the life of Mary the mother of Jesus. The 2 Act musical production chronicles Mary's life and throughout the story the audience is shown the depth, courage and strength of a powerful and faithful woman. The story begins with Mary's parents, Anna and Joachim as they pray for the blessing of a child late in their lives. 


Mary's life is then followed as she grows into womanhood and marries Joseph. Although their relationship began with the uncertanity of Mary's pregnancy their marriage is portrayed as loving and committed to each other and their son Jesus. Near the end of act one Mary is faced wth the death of Joseph and again audiences can connect with the real person of Mary who experiences the same depth of emotion as any one of us.


Act 2 follows Mary's life as Jesus enters into his ministry. As a mother who must come to terms with her son's conviction and the inevitable anger and resentment this conviction and message causes.  Her fear and anguish is palatable during the passion and crucifixion of Jesus. The song "Mary's Cry" is her plea for God to intervene in this tragic injustice, and finally resolves with her faithful resignation to what she cannot change. Though faced with many tragic events Mary is not experienced as a defeated or desperate woman, but rather her gentle strength, humble courage, and peaceful acceptance of her call to service inspires all of us to live to our greatest and highest potential. 


The events of Mary's Veil are based on Apocryphal writings and theological interpretations of these writings. They represent only one possibility of what Mary's life may have been like. 

“There is something about it, something intangible, that makes the whole play magical….a blessing and a wonder” 
-Lawrence Gleason The Morinville Mirror.
“Not only are the lyrics and artistry of Mary’s Veil comparable to the classics, Jesus Christ Superstar and Joseph and His Amazing Technicolor Dream coat…..but the creative theological content of Mary’s Veil is even superior in some sense.” 
-Fr. Brian Jayawardhana, St. Albert Gazette
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