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I Call on You Lord. Extended

I Call on You Lord. Extended - Sandra Brenneis
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One blessing during this unusual time is that I have had a chance to write music again. 
This song was written for the Villeneuve Choir and is entitled "I Call on You Lord."
My sister Tracy encouraged me to create an extended version that we can use for meditation. 
Hope it brings you a moment of calm and faith. 

Sandra is an inspirational composer and playwright who has written, composed and produced 3 musical productions; Mary's Veil, Lost Apostle and The Park Bench.  You will also find here variety of other songs she has written which can be heard and purchased on this website or iTunes.


“Come on in and stay awhile.  I want to share with you one of the great joys of my life.  Hopefully you will leave this place feeling better for having visited here.” - Sandra

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